Reflections in Pancake Puddles

There is something very soothing about putting Edwin Derricutt on the iHome and making pancakes for the family on a Sunday morning. At least for me there is. I just sat back as I waited to flip the latest batch and smiled at where things are right now for me. It felt good. Sure, I've got a day full of things to do ahead. Mix of errands and deliverables, but this is par for the course lately so I can't complain. As I made mini pancake puddles for Emily and piles of regular ones for Dylan I got all sorts of reflective. Happens sometimes. I finally put up a new One Guy's Thoughts yesterday. You can watch it here if interested. I know what I want to do with it, but have to get to it some point in the coming weeks. I certainly see more video in my future. That much I know for sure.

This week is vacation week for the kids. Dylan is doing the usual thing, but Emily is going to a performance arts camp for the week. She is psyched about it beyond belief. Can't wait to see what sort of creative energy she comes home filled with every night. It is going to be amazing to watch for sure.

The kids are now doing their chores and Laura and I are in the living room with CBS Sunday Morning on the television, cups of coffee and laptops with us on the couch. A regular old Sunday morning at the Chapman household.

3:30 am Coffee

Morning Trivya