Anyone who follows virtual worlds or gaming in any fashion has heard of the game Spore since it has been "coming soon" for several years now. Last night I finally installed it on the computer and found myself spending a couple of blurry eyed early morning hours today in Pittsburgh Airport playing it. I'm still just a creature walking the land trying to build my pack, but I'm having a blast. Think of it as virtual evolution with lots of pretty colors.

Oh, and did I mention that it has a built in Spore social network? Integrated into the game play so that as buddies create characters, ships and buildings you'll start having their creations appear in your worlds. So the game is in a constant state of evolvoing and changing and no two people have the same experience.

If your playing, look me up by my e-mail address of cc.chapman@gmail.com . I'm never going to have enough time to play this!

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