We Sold The House

It only took nine months, but yesterday we signed all the paperwork to sell our old house. Best part was that it was sold to a young couple just starting out their lives together. Brought back memories for Laura and I both and it made us happy to see. I'm not sure it has completely sunk in yet, but I know the first time we drive by and see changes it'll hit for us.

We sold our house

A big thank you to Ray Paulk (aka Ray the Realtor) for helping us make this happen. He was a huge help from day one and really helped set expectations and goals from the beginning. I don't know how he is on the buying side, but I highly reccomend him on the selling side. If you are selling a house in Massachusetts or Rhode Island check him out.

There were a LOT of delays in making this happen. The approval process to get an FHA loan was the main thing holding it up. Good that they are being more careful about these, but it dragged on for almost an extra month because of it.

I've also noticed a good 4-5 new "sale pending" signs going up on houses that have been for sale in the area for a while now as well. That is a good sign. People are buying. If you have good credit and are looking to buy a house, right now would be a perfect time. Horrible time to downsize most likely, but it is certainly a buyers market right now.

A huge weight mentally off of our shoulders. That is for damn sure. Thank you to everyone for all the positive vibes and words of encouragement throughout this.

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