Digital Dads

Last year I had the idea for breaking off my parenting posts and starting a new site to post them on. I had the idea, but no time to make it happen. Fast forward to earlier this week and FINALLY I got around to launching

Digital Dads

I talked about the reasons in detail in this post on the site. But, the long and the short of it is that I wasn't finding the type of content I wanted on the site about being a guy in today's world with kids. While there are a lot of amazing fathers out there online and other great father focused sites like Dad-O-Matic I didn't see enough to make me happy and wanted to get my voice out there.

I couldn't do all the writing myself, so I asked two good friends who I knew could deliver great writing and insights to join me as well. If your not familiar with [munk] or Dan Gorgone then please get to know them. Great guys and awesome Dads.

And a special thanks to Mitch Canter for the awesome design work he did on the site!

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