Strange Random Week

This was a strange week. I'm not quite sure why but it felt like I got a million little things done and a couple of big ones, but all the same time I'm not sure I got anything done. If that makes sense to you then lets go get some drinks so you can explain it to me. One cool highlight for me was finally getting to my first Social Media Breakfast, which this time was held at Puma City in Boston. Rather then showing you any of the pictures I took, I wanted to showcase several different ones that other participants shot of me that I particularly liked.

Photo by Clarence Smith Jr.

Photo by Steve Garfield

Photo by Joselin Mane

Still not sure why the week felt so strange to me. Must just have a lot on my mind or something.This weekend involves a pancake breakfast fund raiser for Emily's drama group and then a poker tournament fund raiser for Dylan's Lacrosse tonight. Some drama practice for Em and a LAX game for Dylan tomorrow. The weather doesn't look like it is going to be that great so I might just curl up with my copy of Personal Effects: Dark Art that I got an advance copy of yesterday. Loving it so far!

MTG 77 - Passion is Contagious

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