Family Vacation

For the last week I've been on vacation. On purpose I didn't talk much about it, Twitter where we were or tell a lot of people what we were up to. In my mind, a vacation should be about unplugging, recharging and having a great time. All of those things happened this go around.

Dinasour Bones PuzzleI'm going to be doing a full write up on the vacation over on Digital Dads, but I will say that we had an absolute blast in Orlando spending time with Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney gang. There were a lot of people in Orlando that I would have loved to see, but there just wasn't any time and this was about quality time with the family.

I almost didn't bring my camera, but I did and brought it out on the last day for the first time. Besides that the iPhone did just fine taking the few pictures I wanted to snap at any given moment.

Being off the grid (for the most part *grin*) was nice and needed and I feel very refreshed and focused. With everything going on in the coming weeks I need to be so the timing was perfect.

Yesterday, we had our annual 4th of July Chapman Chill and while small, it was just what we needed and spending face-to-face time with friends made it all worth while.

Tomorrow mornig isn't going to be fun, but it is days like that which make you appreciate the vacation time even more.

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