iPhone Hold Music

Yesterday I was called by my business partner Steve Coulson and told, "hold on a minute while I conference in...." Social Media Jungle Boston - March 10, 2009What followed was a solid minute of silence while I waited for him to use the built in three way calling that the iPhone does so well. As I sat there waiting I pondered why the iPhone (a device that plays all sorts of media) didn't have a built in hold music option. Sure, this would not be a major feature or one that would necessarily improve sales, but wouldn't it be a great feature.

I twittered out the brain dump and of course some people brought up the licensing rights which would be a problem. But, rather then picking a random song from my library as I thought would be fun, what if just like a ringtone I could either buy or create a single track for hold music.

You know me and know that I wouldn't pick something main stream but rather an indie artist who could use the exposure even if it is something as small as this.

So, could this be an iPhone application? Something built right into the OS? Who knows.

Please feel free to steal this idea. All I ask is if you DO go about making it happen please have me as a BETA tester because it would be a lot of fun to have.

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