Getting Reflective

The wind is blowing outside and my mind is wandering around between a variety of different things that I could be doing, will be doing or want to do. Anyone  who knows me at all, knows that my mind doesn't sit idle for very long and I'm usually noodling on something. Aero Meets the FamilyThursday of course was Thanksgiving and I was fortunate to have my parents, sisters, aunt and cousin down for the day. Aero here is my newest little furry relative that made the holiday extra fun. There is just something absolutely priceless and fun about puppies and since Dylan has always wanted a Husky and I love them as well it was fun for the afternoon.

This is the time of year when I  look back at the months that have passed and the year that is about to happen. I begin to think about what my goals for the new year will be, any projects I might want to accomplish and to check and make sure that I'm on the right life track that I want to be.

Yes, I get extremely reflective ever year during the holidays. I'm very blessed that I have a healthy family, a good career and a close knit group of Friends that make life all that much more fun. I hope that every year will be better than the last, but with the way things have been going lately for me that isn't an easy goal to strive for, but you can be damn sure I'm not going to slow down any.

Selling The Advance Guard earlier this year was certainly the biggest event that happened to me in 2009 and it was not even remotely thought about last year at this time. I wonder if 2010 will have any major happiness grenades like that or not. I know I'm setting some pretty lofty goals for the upcoming year so who knows.

Life is good and I want that to continue. I want to help others reach their goals as well. Maintaining that balance of giving and receiving is always one of life's greatest and rewarding challenges. I like to think that I'm helping others as much as possible and every so often I get a message, phone call or hug that reminds me that I am at least doing it for some people and it makes all the hard work worth while.

Do you have any major goals for 2010? Any that I might be able to help with? Any we might end up doing together?

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