31 Days

In case you didn't flip your calendar yet, today is December 1st. Yeah, it sort of snuck up on me as well. Unlike other months, this is the one where most of us are looking at the end rather than the days ahead and that can be dangerous and a waste. I'd rather look at it as having 31 days left in the year to get stuff done, set up for the next year and end on a good note.

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Yesterday I hung up some inspiration in my office. I had ordered three Hugh MacLeod prints back when they were pre-released and was eager to hang them in my office. I had them framed and I put them up yesterday morning before the day got under way. Just looking at them brings a smile to my face and pushes me forward. I need to be surrounded by inspirations. It is one of my little tricks.

I'm determined for that little voice in my head that goes, "would it be great if..." and then is followed by an idea for a picture, blog post or other project to turn into actually being done. I too often (and I'm sure you do too) have all those ideas pop up and then never do anything with them. That doesn't help anyone so I'm determined to take more of those and make them happen. Look for lots of content this month across multiple platforms from me.

Of course in the midst of these 31 days is the peak of the holiday season. It doesn't matter which of the holidays you celebrate, they all bring with them a certain level of stress and anxiety. Try not to let it get to you. I LOVE the holidays and everything they bring. Get stressed? Put on some mellow holiday music and enjoy a cup of cocoa. Hell, put a little peppermint schnapps in it and really mellow yourself out.

December has always focused me since my birthday falls in the month. That adds to the reflective and determined outlook every year around this time. The other night I heard a great quote about "if you are getting older, it means you ain't dead yet" and I love the sentiment of it. I don't get hung up in age very often, but I'm sure I will at some point, but I'm going to try to keep that in mind anytime I do.

You've got 31 days left of 2009. There is a lot that can be accomplished in 31 days. Go out there and make it happen.

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