Grandfathers & Grandsons

It has been a while since I got creative with video. It is something I've always loved doing, but since editing is not something I ever really enjoyed I don't get beyond the idea phase very much. I've got notebooks of ideas for short films and little projects, but most of them stay on paper. When we were asked to tell a story as part of the Sony Dads project I'm taking part in I wanted to flex my creative muscles a little bit and really tell a little story. Because I'd be posting it on Digital Dads I wanted to focus on the guys of the family. A surprise trip to New Hampshire for my Mom's birthday meant that I'd have both of Dylan's grandfathers around and I sat them down to answer a few questions.

I had in my head what I wanted the video to look like and how I wanted it to flow and shockingly it went from my head, to the camera, to the finished product just as I had imagined. That felt good.

As I was putting the finishing touches on it I wanted to use a Tom Acousti song for the soundtrack, but it just wasn't clicking for me. That is when I thought about Apple's Garageband and how I had used it in the past one time to create some music for a client video and I had a lot of fun doing that. Sure, it added on some more time to the project, but to be able to say I did it all for this (short of playing the instruments) makes me feel damn proud.

This is a deeply personal video for me and emotions ran high when I first watched it back. I hope you enjoy it.

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