Help? iTunes is Locking My Computer

I've tried everything over the past few days to fix this and now I'm coming to you to see if you might have ideas on how to fix this. Without fail when I start up iTunes on my computer, after about 10-20 minutes everything freezes. The only way to fix is to power down the computer and start it up again. What I know

  • I'm running an iMac with the latest OS on it (including the patch that came out last week)
  • I tried downgrading iTunes back to8.2 and the install went fine but the locking continues.
  • I do have an Apple TV and Genius turned on. I turned both of these off (including unplugging the Apple TV) and still the freezing happens.
  • This began after the latest Snow Leopard patch
  • I've isolated it to being iTunes because if I start up and run nothing but iTunes it still happens and it happens every time I open it

Any help out there? I've Googled and looked but have not found it. Seems some people are having similar problems when playing World of Warcraft and trying to use iTunes, but that isn't me.

Hoping someone might see this and be able to point me in the right direction or else it is a trip to the Apple Store for me because I can't survive without my music. *grin*

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