Happy Kindle Customer

Infected by Scott Sigler on the KindleI've been a happy user of my Kindle since the day it arrived. I've shared my thoughts before and they haven't changed much since then. It is a gadget that I love because it makes something in my life easier. But, as I ordered my Kindle 2 and awaited it's arrival (yes, I'm still waiting but got informed that it shipped) I began thinking about issues that I never had to worry about before when it came to buying a good old fashion printed book.

I've got quite a few titles on my Kindle (including Infected by buddy Scott Sigler shown here), but would I be able to somehow transfer these over to the new device. What if I wanted to give my wife the old Kindle so she could buy her own titles for it? Could I easily transfer the couple of magazine subscriptions I currently get over to the new device?

I wondered out loud about this on today's Managing the Gray and after recording I found an e-mail address for questions about the Kindle and sent them a note. Within a couple of hours I got a reply back with the following in it (cut and pasted from e-mail):

Here are your options:

SCHEDULE DELIVERY OF EXISTING CONTENT If you visit the Manage Your Kindle page (http://www.amazon.com/manageyourkindle) after placing your Kindle 2 order, you'll see your new Kindle 2 listed in the "Download/Send to" choices in the "Your orders and individual charges" section. You can schedule delivery of your existing library before your Kindle 2 even arrives.

DOWNLOAD ARCHIVED ITEMS AFTER KINDLE 2 ARRIVES When Kindle 2 arrives, you'll see the options "Archived Items" on the Home screen and "View Archived Items" on the Home Menu. Either of these options will allow you to download your Kindle content stored on Amazon.com.

UPDATE SUBSCRIPTION DELIVERY SETTINGS Subscription content can only be delivered to one Kindle registered your Amazon.com account. You can transfer a periodical subscription from one Kindle for delivery to another in the "Your Active Kindle subscriptions." section of the Manage Your Kindle page (http://www.amazon.com/manageyourkindle).

TRANSFER PERSONAL CONTENT VIA USB You can use the USB connection on your Kindles to copy personal content to your computer from one Kindle and then drag it to a new Kindle 2.

This is exactly what I had hoped for and I'm psyched that it was all this easy.

I have already gone in and updated everything and even sent the titles I want on the new one to it so that as soon as I open it up and turn on the wireless network for it, they will download and be there ready for me to read.

I'm happy that Amazon didn't make this harder then it needed to be. Now I'm more eager then ever for the new one to arrive.

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