I'm a Free Man

Last night I was chilling with Laura when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Sunday nights are usually a weird time as I think about the week ahead. I think about all the meetings I have scheduled, tasks I have to get done and different headaches that await me.

But, this Sunday night was different because today when I woke up I no longer worked for anyone. I didn't have any client obligations. I didn't have any meetings that I had to slug my brain to and try to care about. For the first time in my life I am a freelancer.

This is a new life for me and one that I've never actually been through. I'm excited by it and what the road ahead means. What is even more crazy is that I've already done some client work that came out of the blue over the weekend and it was exactly the sort of stuff I want to do more of. I was glad to hear that the involved individuals were happy with the work I produced.

So, now what?

Of course I've got to find clients, change up the site here with a whole new set of information and finalize my speaking page. I get to focus more on Content Rules and on Digital Dads in a way that I've never had the freedom to. I also get to do FUN new projects like Digital Dads TV which launched today and will be airing live every Monday from 2-3 pm ET.

After knee surgery and months of recovery, I also started back at the trainers today and while I'm big time sore I'm psyched to be back on the track to healthier living. I've missed the sweat, work and satisfaction that it gives me. After all these months, I'm SO happy to be back at this.

Today marks the start of a new month for a lot of people and for me it marks the start of a whole new adventure as a freelancer. There are some fun things in the work, but if you and your company need some creative, strategic or business consulting drop me a line. I'm also going to be working on producing branded content for companies as well. Plus, I hope to do more speaking and already have a gig booked that is so far outside of the fishbowl that it makes me smile just thinking about it.

I'm taking the first steps on a new adventure and I couldn't be happier or more positive about where I'm headed. How is your August going so far?

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