Audience Conference 2010

My time on the stage at this years Audience Conference was a bit of a blur as I flew from Chicago directly to the event and then jumped up on stage. Some of the jokes and references are to previous speakers and the audio goes in and out at times, but you'll still get the vibe of it all.

I've got to say that I never thought in all my years I'd be on stage at Carolines talking to a room full of people I know and respect. Plus, when you add the fact that it is in a comedy club, it instantly makes everything more casual. Because of this there are a few bad words in the video.

The Audience Conference has become a must attend in my book and is something that I'll schedule around every year to make sure I'm there. If you missed it this year, 1938 Media has posted videos of most of the performers. Watch them and enjoy.

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