How I Spent Fathers Day 2009

I spent a mostly unplugged Fathers Day yesterday and it was a beautiful thing. I had one piece of work that I needed to noodle on, but spending the afternoon in a theater filled with Wonderland creatures let the noodling happen whenever it needed. The family let me sleep in and then they made me a French Toast breakfast. I read the Sunday Boston Globe like I always do with Coffee and then we headed to Emily's final performance of Alice in Wonderland.

Me & My Little White Rabbit

It was a lot of fun and since this was my second performance, I brought my 135mm lens and moved seats so I wouldn't have the conductors head in my shots like I did the other night. I have roughly 1300 pictures from both performances to go through and I don't know if I'll get to that before vacation or not. We'll see how the week goes.

We took Emily out to dinner afterward and as if they knew I was coming they had a special which is one of my favorite dishes on the planet but one I don't get very often - Lobster Fra Diavolo. It was spicy and amazing and completely made for a great way to end the day.

After getting home I was given my presents and now I have a new Lastolite Trigrip reflector that I'm itching to use on a photo shoot. Emily also really wanted to get me tickets to a play so we'll be out on the town getting some culture again really soon.

My hope for Father's Day was to stay unplugged and spend as much time as possible doing whatever with the family. I got that wish. Granted I had to blog about being a Dad because I couldn't get it out of the brain, but I'm ok with that.

All in all it was a great day. My noodling helped me write the one e-mail I had to before going to bed and that lead to a couple, but I'm still cool with that.

How did you spend your Dad's Day?

Alice in Wonderland Pictures

Happy Fathers Day