I Love Being A Dad

Anyone who knows me knows that my family is the most important thing in the world to me. I love being a father and a digital dad. Dylan and I were playing football last night and then we took some photos. This one really stuck out as one to cherish. Sure, the photographer in me was disappointed that he was a bit soft, but that happens with my 50mm lens when shooting two people. I still love it though.

The Boy and Me

Every day I find another reason why I love being a dad. It is fun to teach the kids things you know. To see yourself in the kids.

Right now Emily is in the process of writing a series of books. I remember doing that and I'm encouraging her to keep doing it. I planted the seed this morning on the way to her drama class that she didn't have to only do them at school and that I'd love to help her do them at home. She was all kinds of psyched by that little bit of information.

I got a strange satisfaction this morning as well from giving the kids some clothes I had bought them from 77kids. They are a client and I personally wanted to check out the clothes and the ordering process. Like most guys, I'm not that into clothes, but it was great to see the kids get excited about what I picked them out. I never know what they are going to like. *laugh* Guess I did ok this time around.

Kids are fun. They are a challenge. But, I think they force you to think differently and remind you of what is really important in life if you ever forget.

Not sure what prompted me to write this post. The photo has just stuck in my head since I saw it on my screen yesterday. Photos do that to me all the time. Guess that is why I love taking so many of them of the kids.

I wouldn't trade being a dad for anything in the world. Just love it.

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