I Am A Family First Entrepreneur

It isn't very often that I pick up a book and can't put it down. But, that is what happened when I got my advance copy of ONO, Options Not Obligations: Enrich Your Personal Life by Rethinking Your Financial Life by Marc Warnke. ONO BookThe other thing that happened was as I read more and more of the book I kept thinking in the back of my head, "dang, I could have written this book." That isn't a slight at Marc at all. What I mean is that so many of the thoughts, feelings and points I agreed with completely and have for quite sometime. While our experiences in life have been quite different, I can tell that we walk down the same path a lot as well at this point in our lives.

I first heard of this book when a mutual friend told me he knew this guy Marc who thought of himself as a "family first entrepreneur." Now, I had never heard of that term before, but I instantly knew it described me.

Everything I do in life is so that I can have a happy family life. Doesn't matter if it is a business decision, going to the gym, what I say online or what I make for dinner. Each and every piece of my life is for the good of my family and the life I have with them.

Ever since opening up shop with The Advance Guard it has been something that is harder then ever. Running your own company takes a lot of time. Mentally your brain is always thinking about work no matter where you are. As a business owner this is something you can't get around. But, the balancing act is being able to also focus and spend time on the other parts of your life as well. This is something I'm working on all the time, but it is important because one fuels the other and it works in both directions.

I think the values outlined in this book apply to people who don't have a family as well. The key is the fact that work shouldn't be the only thing in your life. You need to leave room for passions and loves. That could be anything that doesn't involve the time at your work desk.

I love my job. I get up every morning excited about working with our clients, growing our business and satisfying my entrepreneurial cravings. But, I also love it because I know that it is allowing me to be the family man I want and need to be as well. I've worked with people in the past who didn't understand that this balance is possible and required and it has never worked out. You need happy employees working for you and if YOU are not happy then we all know what trickles down. *grin*

It is far from the standard business book, but I really hope people pick up a copy of ONO and take the time to read it. You'll get through it in no time and I think you'll feel better for it.

Marc is going to be a guest on an upcoming Managing the Gray so if you have questions let me know them and I'll be sure to ask them.

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