My Favorite Photos I Took in 2008

I saw the post 30 Favorite Flickr Photos from 2008 by Steve Garfield and I wondered if I could narrow down my favorites. Instead of trying I just went through every photo I had posted in 2008 and tagged the ones I liked as a favorite. I think this is something I might try to go back and do every year. Below is a slide show of the photos I picked. Or you can view them in an even bigger slide show here.

Many of these are not my 'best' shots, but each of them invokes a memory of some sort and that is what made them a favorite. I had a blast going through them and seeing all the places I had been and the people I had met over the last year. Brought back some great memories.

What are some of your favorite photos you took in the past year?

Chapman Boys Afternoon

Starting the New Year