My First Boston Media Makers

I've always wanted to go to a Boston Media Makers meeting. My good friend Steve Garfield hosts them on the first Sunday of every month, but I've never made it to one. When I realized I had nothing going on and that the meeting was happening I got it in my head to get there. Boston Media MakersI really liked the format of the event.

  • Everyone arrives and chit chats over coffee (which is free and strong)
  • Room is set up with a horse shoe like table with plenty of room for everyone
  • Each person gets 3 minutes to stand up and say who they are, what they are working on, do a show and tell or ask a question.
  • In the midst of this breakfast orders are taken and eaten. (FYI, Doyle's Cafe makes a great breakfast)
  • After everyone has spoke, there is more hang out and talk time.

What surprised me was the variety of people there. We had filmmakers, sculptors, PR, newspapers and lots of people just looking to create media. The variety and fresh faces was extremely stimulating. I really wanted to hang out more afterward and talk to people, but I had to run to get home to watch the Miami Dolphins playoff game.

I shot some video during the day that I'm going to cut together as my first project to learn Final Cut Express.

Thanks to Steve for hosting this and I'll be attending again for sure.

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