My Virtual Shopping List

This is leading towards a much bigger post, but last night I realized how much I want software today to work very differently then I did in the past. In my life there are three main computers I use. My desktop, my laptop and my iPhone. Yes, I consider the iPhone as much of a computer as the others.

The key to me is that I want all of these to keep preferences and data in sync. I hate when I'm on the road and suddenly say "oh crap that document is on my desktop." That exact problem has been solved by the amazing Dropbox software (which I highly recommend). I also want to be able to collaborate with people. Most of the time with my wife or my business partner. That is what lead me to this post.

Grocery ListI've been using Grocery IQ for about a month on my iPhone. It is a very simple, yet effective, shopping list application. Whenever I find we need something I add it to my list. That way when I'm at the grocery store I've always got my iPhone with me and I can look up what we need to get.

But, last night while I was at the office Laura mentioned she needed me to get some things. I had her IM me the list and then I entered it into the application.

I would love for us to be able to SMS in items or better yet if we could have an account on the server where we could add things as they come up and then our devices could sync up and grab that data.

I'm sure this feature is coming and I sure hope it does because that would make it a killer application in my mind. I only paid 99 cents for this application, but I'd be willing to pay a little more for a premium version with these types of features so that my wife and I could share one list and have both of our devices always up to date.

This is what I want most from software these days. Easy collaboration and syncing so that I always have the data and information I need with me. I'm willing to pay for this if it is good enough.

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