I Want HomeAway to Send Me to Italy

I read about the contest happening at HomeAway and figured I'd take a couple of minutes to submit an entry.

In March, Laura and I will have been together for 20 years. With everything going on running a company, being a dad and the current economic status of the world, I don't see a trip to Italy in my future. But, that is what this contest is all about. Giving someone a trip that they've always wanted to do so I couldn't resist entering.Part of the contest is picking a possible rental from their vast database. I chose the Syracuse Vacation Rental.

Best part about this contest is that I had never heard of HomeAway before I saw a tweet about this. After reading about the contest I proceeded to read all about the site and was amazed at the variety of home rentals around the world they offer. I'll be back to the site if I win or lose.

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