Qik on the iPhone

The concept of live streaming is a powerful one that we are in the very early days of. Ever since I first saw Qik I've been amazed, but I've never had a phone that I could use it on. That all changed today. A few minutes ago I got to do my first Qik live from my iPhone. No, it is not jailbroken or anything like that. I don't even want to think about going down that road with my primary phone. Just can't be without it. A friend of a friend hooked me up with a sneak preview of what is coming.

People checked in via twitter and watched it so it worked. I am curious what happens when I go from WiFi to not and I can't believe my WiFi reaches so far outside of my house. Good to know.

Just a random clip with no much excitement. But, the fact that I did it from my iPhone LIVE to anyone in the world is where the power in this is. Stay tune for more at http://www.qik.com/cc_chapman

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