Taking Steps

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Lao-tzu

I've always enjoyed and believed in that quote. The path that one's life follows is always an interesting tale and I think that each of us makes decisions that takes us down a variety of paths.

AhhhThe Chapmans firmly believe in following the road less traveled and when I look back on my life so far I have to grin at where it has gone and what I have accomplished. I smile at some of the dumb decisions and nod in appreciation of the moments of greatness. All together they make my story so far one that I'm happy about.

Looking forward where am I headed and what comes next? That is part of what makes this all a great adventure.

I know my mind is buzzing at the moment from the combination of no sleep and the energy of attending TEDx Boston yesterday. It puts me in a philosophical mood thinking about the big picture and this blue marble we call home. All is well, but the brain is in overdrive compared to the usual this morning. Add in the nice calming clickity-clack of the train and it makes for another reflective blog post.

Not sure what journey I might be taking the first step of today. Part of the fun is that you don't always know if a new one is beginning or not. The variety keeps you guessing.

Are you taking a first step of some sort today?


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