Sailing With Dolphins

I'm in Tampa on business today and came down earlier then I usually would have so that I could spend some time with my good friend PW Fenton.

CC Sailing

I really liked this picture because I think it captures me truly relaxed which something you don't see captured all that often. *grin* If you were not aware, in addition to having an amazing voice and being a natural story teller, P-Dub also is a hell of a photographer.

I had only been on a sailboat once in my life in never one this big and in salt water. It was amazingly peaceful for sure. We took the boat out of Dolphin Landings who I remember then name of because they had it on the sail of each boat.Good old fashion simple and smart marketing. And true to their sign of 99% Dolphin Sightings as we were on our way towards the dock we finally did see a mom and her pup. It was damn cool to see one in the wild like that.

Taking Steps

Is It Really The Weekend?