Vanity Fair Social Media Issue?

Me Filming MeI've always been an extremely vivid dreamer. If my brain goes into over drive and I dream a lot in a night it is the worse night of sleep because I wake up almost exhausted every time. My dreams are all over the place and I'm sure someone could have a blast analyzing them, but for now I had to share this one because I'm still laughing (and inspired in a strange, twisted way) at it all.

Have you seen the Vanity Fair pictures that Annie Leibovitz takes? (example 1 & example 2) They are always VERY stylized and over the top most times. She loves sets and craziness.

In this dream I was hired to shoot a sort of social media calendar for some company and we grabbed different people from all over the space and shot their photographs. I don't remember it all, but the set ups that I do remember are cracking me up. The ones I recall included:

  • A bunch of authors such as Scott Sigler, J.C. Hutchins, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Evo Terra and Mur Lafferty all in a room that looked like they were signing the Declaration of Independence. Of course Sigler was front and center playing the John Hancock role, making his signature bigger then anyone.
  • Clarence Smith Jr. was dressed up like Rambo and trudging through a muddy jungle all pumped up and bad ass.
  • Jason Calcanis was posing as Zeus and we had this cool wire rig holding him up above a fake cloud as I shot up towards the sky to get a great natural background.
  • We had a Manic Mommies and MommyCast set up where they were in this weird, sci fi, H. R. Giger inspired set. It had lots of metal, water, lights and it was all strangely sensual.
  • There was a group of video producers including Zadi Diaz, Steve Garfield, Tim Street and Andrew Baron in a Star Wars inspired setting.
  • The weirdest one might have been the shots of Violet Blue and Eric Rice together in suits on Wall Street. I say weird because I'm completely confused by this one but the skyscrapers and power suits made for great shots.

There were some others, but I don't remember them as vividly as these.

In my head right now I can picture all of the final photos and the outtakes as well. My friend Steve was on set recording everything with his Red Camera and we were going to release the video on the web as well as Entertainment Tonight wanted a copy of it.

A random dream indeed, but I just had to put it here because if I'm laughing about it I knew some others would as well.

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