Unplugged Weekend

This has been a great weekend of nothingness. High quality nothingness. The kids were at my sisters and Laura and I didn't have any big plans for the weekend. We had a nice romantic dinner at The Metropolitan Club for Valentines, but besides that we chilled. Today was spent mainly with the stereo playing music and me reading the entire Annie Leibovitz: At Work  from start to finish. I had skimmed it a couple of times already, but finally got around to reading every word.

Tourist vs LocalOf course I'm writing this a few moments after finishing the book and all I want to do is find some local space that I could turn into a studio for a year and go and take lots of photos. That isn't going to happen, but I'm still filled with the thought at the moment. It would be cool to have an actual studio space to experiment and play in.

I chose this picture to include in the post because it is still one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I don't shoot complete strangers on the street very often. It always feels intrusive to me and it is why I'd never make a good street photographer, but this simple shot captures so much for me. I'm sure there is plenty "wrong" with it from a photograph stand point, but to me it works. Plus, my sister brought up this shot today and it was great to hear that someone else likes it as much as I do.

Tomorrow Laura and I both have the day off. I hope the weather is nice because I'm in the mood for a nice long walk with my camera in my hand. I thought about doing this earlier today, but was eager for the kids to get home and didn't want to miss them. I promised an old friend that I would do one of my "road less traveled" photo walks that I use to do MANY moons ago and it feels like to proper time to cash in that promise.

I'm staying unplugged. Sure, I'm blogging at the moment, but this felt better then putting pen to paper to capture my thoughts.

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