10 Things To Remember About Social Media Marketing

Wednesday night I gave my final lecture for the University of San Francisco class I was teaching. I wanted to leave them with something that wasn't covered in the course, but that I needed to make sure that each of the students knew before actually going out and starting work in Social Media Marketing. While I'm not a fan of lists and really not a fan of list blog posts, I still felt that the points I left them with were worth sharing because perhaps they could help you or someone you know better understand what is important in this space. These are taken directly from the slides I used in class.

  1. 99% of Social Media Success is Common Sense & Good Manners
  2. It Takes Time & Planning for a Successful Campaign
  3. Just Because YOU Know an Approach, Solution or Tactic is the Right One. 
Convincing a Client of this is Not Always Possible.
  4. You Can’t Just Talk About Toys. You Must Play With the Toys!
  5. Strategy THEN Execution
  6. Influencers come in every shape, size, color and readership. They are not a number.
  7. Never forget the power of a passionate story.
  8. Find the business solution and clients will always respond better
  9. Learn everything you can. Share everything you know.
  10. Have fun

Of course the list could be longer. What would you add?

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