Attack of the Infographics

Attack of the Infographics


Yesterday was an interesting day because I was still not caught up on the sleep I lost taking a red-eye flight back from Portland so the entire day was a bit crazy. I was a bit off all day and it didn't help that everywhere I looked I was seeing colorful pictures full of data and stats. For whatever reason everyone decided to share new infographics yesterday and I wanted to share a few that caught my eye.

The Blog Tree

Put together by the creative teams at Eloqua and JESS3, it is described as "the world’s first visual depiction of the interrelationship among marketing blogs."

I was flattered to find my blog on one of the tree branches under branding and even more surprised to read Joe Chernov call out my book Content Rules in the post. If what Ann and I wrote are inspiring people to create pieces of content such as this then we did something right and that feels good! I'm still trying to fully digest the tree as there is a lot there with the branches, colors and roots to fully wrap my head around.

Sleep is Awesome!

Pulled together from the data that the sleep scientists at Zeo (a client of mine) have been assembling and working with the crazed intelligence of Julien Smith, the goal was to highlight the importance that sleep plays in every aspect of our lives from living longer to having better sex.

Sleep may not be sexy, but it sure is important. Since I began working with the team at Zeo, they've been focusing more and more on answering everyone's questions about sleep and there are some exciting new things on the horizon. Want a taste? Check out the special they are doing with Tim Ferriss around the release of his new book The 4-Hour Body.

How Much Do Community Managers Make?

Social Fresh is constantly producing some of the best content and events focusing on how businesses can and should leverage social media. When I first heard about this study being done I was curious to read the results since I've hired a couple of Community Managers in my day.

While the sampling size might be a bit small (only 143), I am happy to see something like this out there so that companies will realize that this is not a job to just pass off to an intern and forget about. It is an important role that when undervalued can do more harm than help to a company.

Talking Net Neutrality on Fox 25

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