Calling a Mulligan

This past week seemed to suck for a lot of people. Me included. I loved my time off during the holidays. Campfire shuts down to allow all of us to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. I know others do this as well.

JUMPGoing back to the office and everything else after a break is never an easy thing and my theory is that when so many people around the world do this at once it is going to boil up like it did this past week. I don't remember what it was like a year ago, but I bet it was similar.

So, I'm calling a mulligan. I don't play golf, but it is the one thing I've always liked. You mess up, you call a mulligan. It is a restart, a do over. I think we collectively need to take mulligan from this past week.

Me? I already called mine and am going to jump into the next week with a positive approach and plan on using the weekend to recharge.

This weekend I'm going to a very overdue lunch with a friend and then beginning work on redoing our bathroom. Plus, it is Wild Card Weekend in the NFL so I've got four football games to watch. (Ravens, Bengals, Eagles & Packers if you are curious)

So, don't harp and focus on the past week. Use this weekend to recharge and then jump into Monday in a better mood and with nothing but positive energy. Don't ever fear the mulligan. It is a great thing.

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