I spent this past weekend with a small group of amazing people in Baltimore taking part in Kinnernet US 2010. What is Kinnernet you ask?

I was asking the same thing for a couple of months from the time I got the invite until the time I showed up and found out. I had looked online for the answers ahead of time and found nothing. Now, I understand why. It is an event that can't fully be summarized in words and that you must experience to fully appreciate.

At the most basic of basic levels, Kinnernet is an unconference that brings together a group of people from around the world to inspire each other. While there are some planned activities, the meat of the days are spent with open discussions on a variety of topics that anyone can lead.

With such an open ended description it is inspiring the variety of topics that occur. Personally I know some of the more powerful ones I took part in were on what education could look like in 2020, the power of programmable cities and game mechanics in business. See what I'm talking about? Big topics, with big thinking discussions. No fluff here.

I was excited as I looked at the participant list leading up to the weekend because I only recognized 3 names on it. While that might scare most people, I viewed it as a chance to make all new friends and spend time getting to know people I might never cross paths with otherwise. So much of the weekend was spent talking, debating and having fun together.

I need to give a deep, heart felt thank you to both Jeff Pulver and Yossi Vardi for allowing me to be part of this weekend. Being invited to take part of something so special and inspiring means more to me then I can fully express and you made it possible.

Don't fear the unknown. Embrace it and experience it. I promise you'll grow a bit and come out a better person.

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