My First Kayak

I love doing anything outdoors. One of my favorite things is to spend the day in a canoe paddling by nature and loving every minute of it. So, the idea of getting a kayak is both awesome and confusing to me.

You have to understand that when it comes to the world of paddling there are canoe people and there are kayak people. Sort of like dogs vs. cats or Nikon vs. Canon. Having always been a canoe guy, it felt very weird walking into L.L. Bean and buying my first kayak.

I was determined to get it into the water as soon as possible and I brought along my camera to capture the moment.

Many people have asked me which kayak I bought and the model I purchased was the Pungo 140 GEN2 Kayak by Wilderness Systems®. So far I love it and I can't wait to take it out a bunch more.

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