I'll Only Ever Collect Bad Wine

I'll Only Ever Collect Bad Wine

The concept of collecting wine is something that I've never fully understood. Laura and I love wine and enjoy a glass of it quite often, but the concept of buying and saving wine was nothing that either of us could fully comprehend. We buy what we like. We drink what we buy. Why would anyone collect it?

Of course last year when we returned from a Napa Valley Vacation we suddenly found ourselves with a collection of wine, but we'll never be wine collectors and here is why.

A few days ago, I watched an inspiring TED talk from Ric Elias who was a passenger on Flight 1549 when it crash-landed in the Hudson River. You should take the five minutes and watch it now.

As you'll hear, he talks about how he only wants to collect bad wine, because he is going to make sure that any time he is with friends he is going to drink the good stuff to make sure that he has nothing but great times and experiences with every person in his life. I loved his take on life and he certainly has a reason to share it.

I've always been someone who lives life to the fullest and treats each day as it might be my last. So, this new angle on an age old theme really resonated with me and I wanted to share it with others.

I've got a lot of great wine in my basement (including a few bottles of the Il Barone shown above) and if you come over we are going to drink some of it rather than letting it collect dust. I'm only going to leave the bad wine in the basement to be ignored and collected.

Life is to short to save the good wine.