When Inspiration Whispers

When Inspiration Whispers

This morning, I drove an hour just to sit and catch up with a friend who I haven't spent much time with in the several years we've known each other.

Sure, we talked shop, caught up on how our kids are doing and shared a little off the grid humor about things that have happened and things people have done.

But, out of the whole conversation there was one little aside about an exercise to plot out our dreams that stuck in my head the whole drive home. That one little comment as an aside served as an inspiration for me the rest of today.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it. You can't plan for it. There is no recipe to follow. It decides when it wants to come to you and not the other way around.

I love being on stage. Speaking to a room full of people is a rush unlike many others I've felt in this life.

Those quiet moment before I take the stage are some of the most nervous and exhilarating minutes of my life. If I ever lose that feeling before taking the stage, I'll stop speaking.

That is what made this video so powerful to me. In some far off corner of my mind I dream of speaking on a TED stage as a goal in life. I don't have an idea worth spreading yet, but I still dream of it. Every speaker should watch this because it will inspire you. If it doesn't, than you are not much of a speaker.

Inspiration is a quirky lady and one that visits me quite often. I try to listen when she whispers in my ear. I try not to question, plot or fight against her because when I let go and just let it happen some of the best moments of my life occur.

My conversation this morning in a little diner in Lowell and watching that video following two speakers at TED has been more than enough inspiration for me today.

What inspires you?