The Magic of OTA Sessions

The Content Rules book tour brought Ann and I to Sioux Falls, South Dakota last week and more than one person asked us, "why in the world are you going there?"

I arrived with no expectations because I really didn't know what the OTA Sessions were all about, but I knew they invited us and last year I had some close friends like Julien & Mitch both attend and that was good enough for me to go.

After a day spent in a darkened theater with a variety of speakers taking the stage, I can safely say that I left South Dakota much more inspired than when I arrived and it is all because of the magic that is The OTA Sessions.

OTA gets it's name because of the area states of North DakOTA, South DakOTA and MinnesOTA.

It was a day of inspiration in the hopes of inspiring action. When the day kicks off with Sally Hogshead giving someone a shot of Jagermaister on stage and later you have everyone from Ellen McGirt to John Winsor to riCardo crespo sharing their various stories and you have a day packed with awesome.

I know as I sat in the balcony watching the speakers take the stage I found myself furiously jotting down notes. Not on what they were saying, but rather about an idea that I had brewing for a while and was being inspired to flesh out based on what I was hearing on stage. I already told Hugh Weber who organized the day, that I now have a goal to be asked to return next year and tell the story of how his conference inspired me to do something new.

I know there are plans underway to hold OTA Sessions next year and if there is any way you can attend I can't recommend it highly enough. The energy reminded me of the early days of Podcamp and the infinite possibilities of where this can grow to. I also have a goal of hopefully making it to Big Omaha next year which I heard about from the stage.

Thank you to the entire team behind the conference for the warm hospitality and killer content!