Travel Writing

I love to travel. Doesn't matter if it is just a few towns over or half way around the world. Each new new life experience excites me. Meeting new people, tasting new food and then being able to share that with the world gives me huge satisfaction and it never gets old.

As I sit here housebound recovering from surgery it has me wondering how I can actually get paid to do more travel writing. If you know, I'd love you to share with me.

On every trip I go on I've got my notebook and camera with me. Heck, I don't leave the house with either of them. I like to document my experiences as they happen on paper and then when I get home (or on the plane ride home) write up the experience for others to enjoy.

As examples you can read about my recent weekend in New Orleans, a family trip to Atlantis or my first time in California's Wine Country.

I'm also a passionate photographer and love to use images to help tell the story. One look at my Flickr account will show you that I'm constantly shooting. Might be a conference, concert or even recently an auto show. Sometimes it is just me out walking the streets of a new city like Boulder, Vancouver , Toronto or Portland. I just enjoy sharing what I find, discover and experience.

But, what I don't know is how to connect with magazines, online publications or other organizations who would like to purchase this travel content or sponsor it to happen. I've found a bunch of "get rich quick" type of answers online, but very few actual helpful answers. That is where I could use your help.

Looking at my upcoming schedule, I've got some great trips planned that I'd love to make some money from if possible. I'd also be interested in being added to people's radar for possible assignments, but am not sure where to start.

This isn't just about making money, but also about being presented with opportunities as well. I'm especially interested in anything that involves raising awareness for a charity, covering an important event, involving the military or anything that has to do with changing the face of education.

This is a post to show me raising my hand for opportunities, but also looking for guidance and insight from those that are already doing this. I hope you can help me and I'm at if you'd rather not answer in the comments.

Safe travels!