My First Boston Marathon

BostonStrongMarathon Going to college and now living in the Boston area, you'd assume that I've been to my share of Boston Marathons.

I live two and a half miles from the starting line and have seen the finish line numerous times before the actual running. Yet, I had never watched in person.

After the tragic events of last year, I was determined to be at the starting line this year and cheer on the runners. Thankfully I kept that promise to myself and the city I love.

As President of the Board for Wediko, I was able to get passes to the Athlete's Village. It is hard to explain how crazy it is to see 36,000+ people hanging out, waiting to start a race like this.

Emily came with me and we certainly both were surprised when we found ourselves walking down the corral with a wave of thousands of runners.

Afterwards, the whole family drove over to Newton Wellesley Hospital where we cheered on the runners in person. This is around the sixteen mile mark, so they definitely needed the cowbells and cheers.

I knew this was going to be an emotional day, but I wasn't ready for the wave that hit me when one of the first athletes we saw was a man with one leg, doing the race on his crutches. It instantly reminded me just how lucky I am and how amazing every single person is that takes place in the Boston Marathon.

Team Wediko

I'm proud to also share that Team Wediko raised over $100,000 and that all of our runners completed the race.

I also can't express how happy I was when I read that both Tom & Tamsen Webster completed the race. It brought a tear to my eye and I was blessed to bump into them in the morning to give them both good luck hugs!!

Congratulations to every single person who took part in the race. I'll definitely be back next year cheering everyone on again.

My complete photo album from the day is available for viewing.