Faces of Ghana - My First Photo Essay Using Storehouse

Faces of Ghana As a storyteller, I'm always looking at new ways to share the stories I want to tell.

From the moment I first installed the Storehouse app on my iPad I wanted to use it.

The mixed media ability and the beautiful user interface found me looking through new photo essays every morning and wondering when I should give it a try.

After getting up early this morning to snow-blow the driveway for Laura to get to work, I decided to put together my first photo essay using the photographs I took on my 2012 trip to Ghana.

Storehouse requires you to do all the creation and editing directly in the app. It worked flawlessly except for one crash, so be sure you save your draft often so you don't lose work like I did.

After seeing how easy it was to assemble I know I'm going to keep this in mind when I'm in the field shooting. Being able to mix in video is a powerful option and I'll keep that in mind.

Storehouse is brand new, so it has room to grow and I hope they add the ability to put in audio, hyperlinks and tags in the future. Plus, I hope they port it to other platforms as well.

Faces of Ghana certainly won't be the last time I use this app.