Ghana - A Look Back ONE Year Later

one-team A year ago today I stepped off a plane in Accra, Ghana to spend five days in a country I knew very little about, but that would change my life forever.

The ONE Campaign invited me to witness the country-wide rollout of two important vaccines that would change the lives of the children of the country.

You can read my travel journal or view my photos from the trip.

One thing, that no one has seen until now is the video I shot while on the trip.

A few weeks before we left I purchased a Canon EOS 5D Mark III (affiliate) with the assumption I'd shoot video in addition to photos while traveling. I returned with some beautiful footage, but for one reason and another, I never got to doing anything with it.

When I realized the one year anniversary was soon to arrive, I decided I needed to edit it together so that others could see and hear a slice of what I experienced.

Ever since leaving, I've longed to return to the African Continent and I hope I get a chance to soon.

Best enjoyed full screen by clicking the expand icon in the lower right hand corner of the video. Enjoy!