Snapchat FYI


When asked what you'd like to see me create in 2016 many of you answered with some version of more teaching items.

So, when I was asked why I thought Snapchat was going to have such a great year, I decided to make a video explaining how I use Snapchat.

Right now it is one of the more pure social networks where marketing and advertising hasn't invaded too hard, but of course it is coming.

Watch this video if you've ever wondered "why would I ever use Snapchat?"

It has quickly become my moment sharing application of choice. I don't have to think much beyond "I want to share this" and then I do.

When traveling I definitely use it more because it allows me to share the trip with my family. If you follow me this week you are going to see lots of bourbon as I head to Louisville to speak.

As with every app, network and tool it is up to you to determine how and if it works for you and your business. There are very few MUSTS in this world.