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OH! The Weather Outside is Frightful

Content RulesCC Chapman

Winter has officially come to New England with the mercury dropping and the layers of clothes rising. #SMBOttawa @cc_chapman's first stop in his book tour

This year for me, winter means I'll be on the road a lot, shaking a lot of hands, hugging a lot of people and talking a whole bunch. You can be sure I'm going to be popping the vitamins, drinking the orange juice and overall trying to stay on top of my game so I don't get run down or sick while on the Content Rules book tour.

I just returned from Ottawa where I spoke before a packed theater (you can listen to it here). It was the first time I've spoken about the book and it was fun to unveil our new illustrations, announce a cool sponsorship from Ford and to sign books. The whole event was surreal and I think I'm still grinning a bit from the whole thing. Hopefully you can come out and see me at one of the tour stops in the coming months. I head next to Portland, OR.

While in Ottawa, I was lucky enough to speak at the first ever CreatorCamp. Dreamed up by my buddies Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis, it was a night for people to talk about the creative process. No slides, no bullshit, no discussion of social media platforms. When you go from public speaking, to building your own brick oven, to an artist painting with asphalt, you know it is going to be an inspiring night. I got to talk about photography and made sure to send people to check out Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias who are both constant inspirations to me.

Tonight is a big night for Ann and I as we host the Content Rules Book Launch party. We are going to be on Hubspot TV at 4 and then the party begins right afterward. I'm psyched to see so many people we know and to spend some time with them. Please be sure to check out our sponsors because without them we couldn't make this night happen and we greatly appreciate them.

The weather might be frightful and my schedule just as much so, but I'm thankful for everything and everyone that is going on in my life right now. You all rock!

Photo Credit: Alexa Clark