The Weekend I Needed

For anyone who hangs around these parts, you know that last week was not a fun one for me. While I valued the time and people I got to connect with at the NYC 140 Conference, the whack I got from Google made it all sort of wash away into a blur of anger and frustration. Thankfully I'm back up and running and figuring out what the is the best way to deal with this if it ever happens again. But, this weekend I needed a break and I got it.

Dylan had waived having a birthday party earlier this year so that he could wait until Spring and have a paintball party. With my knee not being 100% yet I couldn't play, but I did get to throw on a ref vest and watch the action unfold which gave a whole new angle of fun to the game. Watching boys and dads play war in the woods is something very cool for sure and I know Dylan had a blast which is the most important thing.

Then yesterday we went to our first Red Sox game as a family. It was a day filled with too much food, souvenirs and screaming along with the crowd. Everything a baseball game should be.

The Chapmans - April 25, 2010

At some point during the game Dylan turned to me and asks, "Can I be one of the kids that runs the bases? They were just talking about it." I politely told him that it must be something special you have to sign up ahead of time for, but a few innings later he pointed to the scoreboard where they showed that after the game any kid could do it in celebration of Kids Opening Weekend.

Emily Runs HomeWe waited with hundreds of other families after the game and it quickly moved. I had never been on the field before and even though I'm not a die hard baseball fan, it was still something amazingly cool to be down there and walking around. The kids got to run the bases and of course they did it so fast that I didn't even get a good shot except for one of Emily almost touching home. Dylan in true Chapman fashion decided to slide into home and get in a little trouble for it. No one told him he couldn't so he went for it. *grin*

I can't think of a better way to end a very long, sucky for the most part, week. High quality family time always kicks the ass of anything that bogs you down.

Osprey Ride for Marine Week

Thank You to Everyone Trying to Help Me With My Google Problem