Bold Edition

Bold Edition


I am truly blessed to have a large number of highly creative Friends. This past week I've read snippets from one's first book, read two drafts of a completed book from another and witnessed the birth of a new project from a third. It is the final one that I want to highlight today since I can't talk about the other two yet. *grin*

Bold Edition is the brainchild of Clarence Smith Jr. and you are going to want to pay attention to it.

Clarence is a close Friend that I'm so thankful I was introduced to years ago. He has gone through a couple of different iterations of his site but what he is doing now has me extra excited.

He is a strong and stoic storyteller who would rather create something powerful that grabs your attention than tell you about it. When I think of a digital storyteller, he comes directly to mind.

It doesn't matter if he is behind the lens of his Leica taking photos, writing down thoughts and stories in his Field Notes or shooting video with his 7D, you can be sure they are going to all find their way on to his new media outlet that he is calling Bold Edition.

I'm extra psyched about this launch, because he partnered with his good friend Stebs of Paper Fortress Films to create a completely original (no stock photography here) video teaser for the site that is downright ass kicking! Well done guys!

Clarence has been telling stories for as long as I've known him and I'm proud to see him sinking his teeth into this project and can't wait to see the stories that come of it. I'm extra psyched because of the mixed media feel of it all. Sure, the video and photography will be great, but so will the words that go with them.

Have a story you want to see told? He is the man to talk to.




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