socialgoodclub-opening SocialGood.Club is a new venture that I'm the Co-Founder of with my dear friend Brad Powell.

The conversations began last year as we both found ourselves walking a career path motivated by doing more good in the world.

We both have years of experience conceiving, developing and executing marketing initiatives. The amount of content we've created over the years is staggering when we stopped to think about it.

This sort of work is exactly what I love doing. Consulting with companies and organizations to brainstorm a marketing strategy or campaign that makes sense for them and will deliver the results they desire.

One thing that neither of us are great at is selling sponsorships and thus our first activation #SyncYourInk during SXSW 2015 wasn't as big as we had hoped for.

Thankfully our good friend Jeff Sass and his team at .CLUB stepped up and helped make our idea a reality. He has been a huge supporter in making this happen and we can't thank him enough!

Our goal with the SocialGood.Club is four fold:

  1. Partner with and sell products that actively practice conscious commerce. This means that the products or services are about more than just the bottom line and in some way give back. If you need an example check out Oowee Products which we are happy to be working with.
  2. Develop and execute marketing campaigns for those who believe in the people, planet and profit approach to business.
  3. Serve as an event space in Austin, Texas to foster gatherings of likeminded people. In addition to our weekly Gardenuity Garden Club on Tuesday nights, we are looking forward to hosting authors, musicians and other creatives whenever they come through town.
  4. Raise awareness about what social good is about and why everyone from a painter to a CEO should be embracing it in the ways that make sense to them and their business.

To summarize:

SocialGood.Club is a community of brands, consumers, and socially conscious initiatives dedicated to practicing and promoting conscious commerce.

Two weeks ago on March 12,2016 during SXSW we opened our SocialGood.Club shop at 1720 Barton Springs Road in Austin, Texas.

There was live music, live art and poetry on demand. Plus, lots of hugs and congratulations from new friends and old who swung by to celebrate with us.


sgc-art sgc-music sgc-poems

We were lucky enough to have a kind soul who believed in our vision loan us a vintage Airstream trailer that was updated and turned into our storefront.


sgc-inside1 sgcinside2

I can't begin to tell you how amazing it felt to sell our first product to a complete stranger.

We will be donating a portion of our profits to nonprofit organizations that Brad and I choose.

So far we've partnered with a variety of local and international companies to sell their products in our shop.


The masks, bags, hats, dog collars and other products that we are sourcing from Costa Rica are some of the most beautiful.

We are actively working on taking a trip to visit the Boruca people to further our relationship and to create more content so people can see where the money is helping directly in their community. Plus, Brad's been and I haven't so I'm eager to get there!

There are also hand decorated notebooks, gardening kits, laser etched bottles, a high tech meditation chair and leather beverage sleeves that you definitely want one of.


Our stock changes all of the time so come on down and enjoy a variety of great food from The Picnic and shop the store.

Speaking of food, we are excited to announce our campaign with Mighty Fine Burgers to raise money for No Kid Hungry. You buy a gift card and a local family gets a meal. Everyone wins.

We are still very much a bootstrapped organization driven by heart and a determination that there has to be like-minded companies out there. If we can help you in some way please reach out.

You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and any day between 12-7 swing by the shop and say hello to Brad.

This has been a long time coming and while I know it won't be easy, I know in my heart that it is a piece of the bigger puzzle that is my life.

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