Technology Shouldn't Replace Your Humanity

Technology Shouldn't Replace Your Humanity

linkedinshots Technology empowers us to do amazing things.

We can connect with people around the world. We can form businesses together. We can create together.

But, with all the technology around us, many of you are losing your way and giving in to the automated tools to run your lives.

Yesterday, I added SocialGood.Club to my LinkedIn profile and instantly the automated messages of congratulations began coming in.

If you didn't know, the LinkedIn app has a handy setting where with two clicks it'll send a canned congratulations message to someone when they share news.

Sure, this makes it easy for you to let someone know you are thinking of them (kind of), but I can tell you that when your inbox looks like the image above it does nothing positive for the person receiving them.

In my mind you look lazy. You look desperate. You opted to use your thumb and five seconds instead of using your fingers and thirty seconds of your time to say congratulations in your own words.

Back in December I watched a similar thing happen when my birthday came up on Facebook.

Technology continues to make our lives easier and I love it. But, no matter how powerful the technology around us becomes, we should never lose the basics that make us human.

Thank you to those people who did take the time to send me a quick note, text or comment to say congratulations. I appreciated every single one of them.

Don't forget to be a good person.

Humans are pretty damn awesome too.