Dreaming of Africa

Dreaming of Africa

Anyone who knows me knows that I've been over the moon excited for a speaking engagement in Kenya early next year.

Well, this morning I was informed that it is "officially postponed" due to some of the political troubles in the country. It has only been an hour since I got this news and I have to tell you that I'm completely bummed out about it.

I've had a life long dream of visiting every continent. Actually, I want to visit as many different locations in the world during my time on this big blue marble. There are so many people that I want to talk to, photographs I want to take and stories I want to hear and capture. All of this I want to share with everyone else out there.

While I may dream of things like this, I honestly never thought I'd find myself in Africa. So when it suddenly became a reality I dove right in. I started teaching myself Swahili phrases, reading all the guidebooks and studying up on the local culture. As I watched some of my friends take part in the #ONEMoms project a few months back it just added fuel to my desire to see this far away land.

I've also got a new video project that I'm developing which I couldn't wait to get some of the local people I met in Kenya to be part of. The stories and images that I could find there I'm sure were unlike any I have ever seen or heard.

All of this (as of now) is no longer happening. It truly makes me sad and I hope and pray that some day it will in fact happen.

But, until then I'll keep dreaming of Africa. Some day I will get there.

Photo Credit: Karen Walrond