Old vs. New

Minutes ago both UPS and the Post Office stopped by to drop off packages within five minutes of each other. Inside the packages was this nice contrast of old vs. new.

What you see here is a beautifully printed photography book called Dark Score Stories promoting the new Stephen King mini series Bag of Bones and the new Kindle Fire. (affiliate link)

I can't stop smiling because on one hand you have the old fashion book promoting a television show and on the other side you have a high tech gadget which I can read books and watch television shows on. Wonder if A&E will be making the show available on the Kindle or not?

Such a great contrast on multiple levels and both of them make me smile in a big way because while I may be hyper-digital, I still love printed books and photography.

Don't worry, I plan full reviews of both of these. Not sure which will come first.