On the Road: Burlington, VT

Last week I drove up to Burlington, Vermont for a Content Rules book tour stop and I thought it would be fun to document and share it with everyone.

Of course, what I hadn't planned for was tornados might endanger my family while I was on the road which is exactly what happened. I let the camera keep rolling and actually captured a very needed phone call from Laura while getting some b-roll driving footage.

So, instead of just a fun filled road trip video you get to peek a bit inside a couple of days inside my life while on the road. Watching it back I had to laugh how one second I'm talking about bears in my parents back yard, then I'm freaked out about the storms and then I'm chilling out talking about workshifting on the water. A little bit of everything.

The one thing that I really wanted to do while there was tour the Magic Hat brewery, but there just was not enough time. It is something I need to do though. Love that beer! Plus, just think how much fun that video could be. *grin*

And if you are curious about the photo above, that is Brian Swichkow's Macbook. After our talk, he asked if I'd be willing to sign it. How could I say no to that? Plus, how cool is his homemade Iron Man sticker with light up eyes?

I'm planning on making more of these on the road videos, so definitely let me know what you think and how they can be made better. I'm definitely still learning.