Where to Start With Content? Follow Your Idols

Where to Start With Content? Follow Your Idols

Ann and I spoke to a Full Sail University class the other night. I'm a big fan of the school because they are teaching diverse topics that are all creative and business focused at the same time. The questions are always high quality from their students.

One question came from a student who is a member of the band Wake Up Bedhead and he wanted to know what sort of content they should start creating that current fans would like, but that would also attract new fans to their music.

The advice I gave them is the same I'd give to anyone who asked and that is to follow your idols.

This works great when talking to a rock band, but I firmly believe it works for everyone.

I told him to think about his favorite bands and artists. What kind of content would he love to see them release? Would it be them talking about how they come up with songs, video diaries from the road or studio sessions watching them recording the latest album?

My argument being that if he would like to see that from his idols, then fans of his band would like to see the same sort of things from them.

If you are a just getting started with content or want to be doing it better, look at the people in your industry that you think are already doing it great and then follow their lead.

This is exactly why we filled Content Rules with "ideas your can steal" because even if someone is already doing something, you are going to put your own spin on it to make it unique to you.

Any of your idols inspire a piece of content you've created?