I Crave the Simple Things

I Crave the Simple Things


Honestly, I don't need much from my time on this big blue marble.

Give me a comfortable chair, a good book and the sounds of nature and I'm pretty much set for the next block of time. Empower me to go out and take photos and share stories of passionate people I find and I'm a happy camper. Surround me with people I love over a great meal and you'll find me smiling.

Life and all of it's distractions sometimes reminds me just how much I love the simplier moments in life.

I got thinking about this over the weekend as I was reading a new Men's Journal article about Lenny Kravitz. One of the first thing he splurged on when he got his first record check was a plot of land in the Bahamas. He put an Airstream trailer on it thinking that someday he'd build a house. But, still to this day he has the trailer and has only built a nearby studio and left the rest of the land vacant and wild. The simplicity of the surroundings are what makes it for him. I can relate to that.

Combine that with me spending some time chatting with the team at Eastern Mountain Sports last week about their content strategy and us spending plenty of time talking about hiking and spending time outdoors. We chatted about different trips we've done, gear and dreams. It reminded me that it has been far to long since I've had a backpack on in the woods rather than an airport.

We all get hung up in all of the shiny objects that come into our radar every day. We focus on trinkets and toys that will give us immediate satisfaction, but contain little to add to our overall life.

On rainy Mondays when I lose my focus and ponder what to do next, I'm going to remind myself that it is the simple things in life that I crave the most. It is the simple things that will make your life better. Seek them out. Savor them.


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