Energy Poverty

Energy Poverty


Three weeks ago if you asked me if I had ever heard of the phrase "energy poverty" I would have said no. I'm betting most of you reading this are thinking the same thing.

But, ever since I visited Ghana with ONE and have been spending more time getting educated on all that they do and care about it is one of the issues that has really stuck with me and that I can't kick out of my brain.

Energy Poverty is quite simply, that many people in the world don't have access to affordable, safe and reliable electricity. When the sun goes down, they are in the dark.

Really, stop and think about that for a moment.

Let your mind digest how much harder teaching school, running a business, treating sick people or keeping your family happy and healthy would become.

What would happen to a continent like Africa, that is full of riches both below the ground and walking the land, if it no longer suffered from this? Imagine how over time they would not just sustain themselves, but prosper and thrive.

I was at ONE headquarters yesterday in Washington, DC and we talked about about The Energy Poverty Challenge they have going and I really hope you'll take the time to become informed, but more importantly share your thoughts on the matter.

When I look at products like the BioLite stove (can't wait for mine to arrive) and other innovations happening in this space I get excited. We need a lot more minds focused in this direction because while it may be an issue in only third world countries, the whole world has energy problems even if we don't want admit it.

I'm up for the challenge, are you?


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